Style is Your Expression of Fashion

Top 5 Reasons You Will Love us:

1. Pink, prints, and dresses are our specialty!

2. We genuinely want to get to know you.

3. We respond to all feedback within 24hrs.

4. Social impact is very important to us.

5. We have inventory sales on Instagram with 

All items under $50!


Classy Always Wins.

Ladies StyleTM is a startup that offers online personal shopping services in the form of monthly subscription or one-time StyleBoxes. Our service  provides women with stylish clothing, accessories, and styling advice all in one box. Our StyleBoxes are designed to make you feel and look beautiful. We love to go shopping and find that special little treasure so we want to provide you with the same experience! All of our items are hand-selected specifically for your style and personality. Last but not least, our goal is to find unique items that will make you stand out in a crowd and keep you looking flawless!

Why We Are Different.

When you purchase one of our StyleBoxes, you are buying more than just a box. You are building a community. We want to build your confidence and instill confidence in girls and women across the country. To do this, we use a portion of our revenue to donate custom StyleBoxes to inspirational girls and women throughout the nation. The more StyleBoxes we sell, the greater our impact will be.

Feminine, Elegant, Stylish

Our StyleBoxes are 100% Personalized!

At Ladies StyleTM, we know that your style is constantly evolving. It's not enough to stay with current trends, you need to anticipate them. That's why we make it a point to offer our Ladies a variety of options for the perfect StyleBox. We use the widest variety of shops, name brands, boutiques, and vendors possible to provide you with a unique experience. Whichever box you choose to order, have fun looking feminine, elegant, and stylish!


Ladies StyleTM